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Especially for you.

As a society we rarely talk about death, it is almost taboo, and we certainly do not dwell on it. Yet we know it comes to us all.

So, when we say goodbye, it is so important that the right ceremony is created for us.

It is a time of mourning and heartbreak, but also a time to celebrate a life, sharing stories, passions, and anecdotes. As your Interfaith Celebrant we will spend time together; I want to get to know your loved one, tell their story, share the love that was given and received.

My life experience and coaching skills have served me well in creating beautiful writings without inserting “my stuff,”

What kind of funeral will it be…

At my own dad’s funeral, my brother and I had passed on a story. I remember feeling disappointed when it was not told as it was meant to be. The speaker had distorted and created his own version of story.

That is why when it comes to writing for your ceremony we will create beautiful writings that are absolutely focused on you and your loved one. Once written you will be able to make changes until it reads just how you want it. Together we will create a ceremony that will honour your loved one and comfort you and your family on the day and in days to come.

Please get in touch. I am here to help and will gently guide you through.

Presently, most celebrants are chosen by the funeral director, but you, can choose your own. You can also choose to create your own ceremony if you know your time is nearing, this can be powerful, meaningful and a great comfort to family and friends.