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Hello and welcome. My name is Gaynor, so glad you found me!

I am an Interfaith Celebrant who crafts and conducts bespoke ceremonies to celebrate events that lead us on to the next chapter. With meaning and mirth, together we can create a beautiful ceremony that holds, respects and embodies the occasion. Whether it be your legal marriage, the naming of the new life you have brought into this world, saying goodbye to a loved one or any other milestone in your life.

Ordained by The Onespirit Foundation as a Onespirit Minister I embrace all beliefs, religious and non-religious. I myself am a spiritual being who believes that there is more than just us. I do not know what happens after we die but I believe there is more. This is the reason I chose to become an Interfaith Celebrant, one who respectfully embraces everyone and all their beliefs.

Get to know me better… here is a video to help you get to know me more and what I can bring to the table… enjoy!

My love of writing and poetry that I have had since a child was also part of the master plan.

My Background

I have been living in and around Edinburgh since 1998 and after spending many of them working in the financial sector, I knew it was time to follow the deep calling to find my purpose for being here. I had been out of alignment for too long.

I trained as a coach and become an NLP practitioner, then NLP Master practitioner along with learning Clean language. All set as a qualified coach I could not understand my reluctance to start a new business.

I now know it was because it was just part of my learning to becoming an Interfaith Celebrant, to enable me to truly listen, truly enquire and truly connect with people. Because to be able to do this, you need to be able to do it of yourself.

My love of writing and poetry that I have had since a child was also part of the master plan, although again I was unaware of this. So here I am, a spiritual person, believing there is something much bigger than us, for some this may be god, for me it is the universe, energy and spirit.

Recently I have moved to a small cosy farm cottage and feel so at home. Connecting with the nature on my doorstep, really hearing the birds, walking in the fields, talking with the sheep (yep even they think I am a bit crazy haha!)  I still love what the city offers but appreciate it from further afar these days.

My car is called Kitty, (it is a family thing, my dad’s cars were always called Bertha!!!) and as I love adventure and finding new places, she has clocked up more miles than she deserves, on the other hand, she has had some great adventures too.

So, I hope that gives you a feel for who I am and why this is my ideal work. Crafting beautiful ceremonies, that have meaning, that call on the ancients but have lots of fun too, is now part of who I am.